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Richie Ren (born June 23, 1966 in Changhua CountyTaiwanRepublic of China) is Taiwanese singer and actor.

1)legend of condor lover(1998)

The story begins with an introduction of Yeung Kang (Yeung Ko's father) who is evil in nature and tries to capture Kwok Cing and Wong Yung on the run. Wong Yung kills Yeung Kang which sets up the background for why Wong Yung really hates Yeung Kang, who tried to kill his own-sworn brother, Kwok Cing, for power and wealth. The rest of the series will tell of the sufferings of Yeung Ko(Yang Go) during his life before he meets with Siao Lung Ni.
In the beginning of the story, Yeung Ko felt that all people are against him and he feels sorry for himself that he couldn't live like a hero as his dad (as Yeung Ko's mother had always lied to him so that he wouldn't become an evil man like his dad). He doesn't have the spirit to continue living until he finally comes to an old grave where he meets Siao Lung Ni. Siao Lung Ni is such a beautiful lady, like a goddess, who spends her life inside the grave, and lives in isolation because of her teacher's mandate before death not to leave the grave. With one not allowed to touch the outside world and one who didn't want to live with the world because of the prejudice he faces, it makes Siao Lung Ni and Yeung Ko a matched pair. At first, Siao Lung Ni just feels pity for Yeung Ko's life, which is why she accepts Yeung Ko as disciple. But, their relationship is so bad, for instance, in some scenes she always refused to talk and listen to Yeung Ko (there's also one scene on how she refuses to eat Yeung Ko's cooking). However, Yeung Ko never gives up on her. His sharing about his life, his feelings about the beauty of the outside world show his passionate feeling and love to his teacher, Siao Lung Ni. Little by little, Siao Lung Ni starts to fall in love with Yeung Ko, and she begins to understand what kind of person Yeung Ko is. Then, even in a "teacher-student" relationship, Yeung Ko and Siao Lung Ni continue to build a very deep love toward each other (some scenes when Yeung Ko sworns to protect his teacher's life with his life and not to leave her forever). This love relationship between student and teacher finally gets down to the real challenge when they have to adapt to ancient social custom which says that a relationship between teacher and disciple is forbidden. Even though facing this difficult matter and knowing the result if they continue their relationship into marriage, Yeung Ko is not afraid of facing society and other peoples' insults of his relationship with Siao Lung Ni. Time to time, Yeung Ko and Siau Lung Ni are separated from each other, which just make their love build stronger, showing that true love is eternal.(from comments)


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