Tuesday, May 4, 2010

what is your favourite fruit?

For me apple is the best and very tasty fruit..wahahahhaha
the sweetness of an apple is taste that i like most..
there are many type of apples.The "RED DELICIOUS" is the one that i like most..

 These are are several types of apples:-

1)Red delicious apples 
The red delicious is a beautiful apple—deep red, tall and thin compared to rounder varieties, and always grown big.
  • It’s the most popular apple sold in supermarkets. 
  • Besides, it tastes great when eaten raw.
2)Golden delicious apples 
  • not related to red delicious
  • It has a thin skin, a sweeter taste than red delicious, and a firm, crisp, juicy texture.
  • It’s rounder and fatter than red delicious,  as a baking apple—it has  sweet flavor and firm texture hold up well in the oven.
3)Granny Smith apples
  • green— the first green apples on the American market. 
  • It has a mild flavor with a good balance of sweetness and tartnes., 
  • It can sit in cold storage for half a year without going bad and unremarkable apple for raw eating, but does very well in sauces, especially applesauce.

4)Rome apples
  • also known as “Rome Beauty,”  which originate in Rome, Ohio. 
  •  It is round, plump apple with an appealing red color  and the flesh has a greenish cast.
  •  it tastes crisp and lightly tart. 
  • less perfect for snacking, due to its thick skin but they’re great for cider-making and for baking as well.


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