Friday, August 27, 2010


bundles of note to revise..haishhhh..
do the best(talk to myself) becoz" u are the best^^
4 ppers  for this exam ..n othrs subject have the carry marks!!!
really2 hope ,i can boost my grade this time..
5 assignments to be done :(
Praying to Allah s.w.t  that myself,family n friends will be succeed in the world and akhirat...
For my non-muslim friends(chinese,indian,etc), i really wish that one day your heart can see the glow of truth(ISLAM)...even, I'm not a pious person...BUT i really want to see people around me to be in the right way..amin.
(pieces of my heart,aNaNaz)

BACK TO RAYA ) ) MODE...hehe...
i want this and that...baju kurung2x ( )    .. can or cannot?
p/s:somebody!!!any volunteer??!! ,buy for me...(in my dream..^^)

each design cost about RM150(..not enough money...)  whre i got this design!! here..!/angguncollections?ref=ts )

i want thisssss....(talk 2 myself: enough2,budget2!!)

is it nice???
the colours of this baju kurung is NICE!!

not bad...SIMPLE =)

i like the beads design!!
BUT for the wrist....
 UNLIKE 3x...haha

this baju kurung design is quite pretty
(blue things always i like!^^)