Wednesday, December 1, 2010


DECEMBER COMES...i'm already 20's ... yipieee... become an adult already...i like dat^^
hey2x u ar getting old?? OLD?? how dare u...ahakss2x.. i'm still  look young,k..

 ALHAMDULILLAH...i'm still alive n healthy..

 I'm NOT kids/teenage anymore me MISS, please..huhu
 Don't call, Ribena kid, small kid..n bla2x..(pampered girl( comment ahaha.. girl=lady)

 really miss my school life's , NS life's , KMPP life's..sobss2x..missSSS u all my friends

 After 1 test + another test in my life(esp:this sem. n KMPP ), I hope that i can be more               prepared,strong,patient and grateful because i'm the chosen one..people who's love, care, protect, help, consider and support me always om my side. I feel grateful to have you all around me.Thanks a lot for everything..

 the most beloved cat, cumey....from standard three until i studied in matrix..u are my only pet.I'm the one  who took u from uncle's house with dad.. i still remember how you waited  for me when i back from school(waiting for fish^^) , be on my side while i was crying alone(hide from others...)                           
p/s: just dont want to let others worried about me..from that, I learnt to motivate myself

  I miss to have camping , hiking, jungle trekking, flying fox, abseiling, canoeing,..scouting..fun3x

 I want to be  an excellent nutritionist, so.. i can help many people

I wish to be a pious, loyal, caring and responsible daughter, sister, aunt,wife and mother in the future(not just the wish..improve yourself ,k)


 I praying that all of us  will be in the heaven, in non-Muslim friends can see the glow of the truth light=ISLAM.. and the Muslims  follow the right path of Islam ..amin..                       


* Sangat setia dan pemurah. 
* Bersifat patriotik. 
* Sangat aktif dalam permainan dan pergaulan. 
* Sikap kurang sabar dan tergesa-gesa. 
* Bercita-cita tinggi. 
* Suka menjadi orang yang berpengaruh dalam organisasi. 
* Seronok bila didampingi. 
* Suka bercampur dengan orang. 
* Suka dipuji, diberi perhatian dan dibelai. 
* Sangat jujur, amanah dan bertolak ansur. 
* Tidak pandai berpura-pura. 
* Cepat marah. 
* Perangai yang mudah berubah-ubah. 
* Tidak ego walaupun harga dirinya sangat tinggi. 
* Benci pada kongkongan. 
* Suka berlawak. 
* Pandai buat lawak dan berfikiran logik

(SOURCES: Dr. Fazilah Kamsah)
(i'm too lazy to translate...^^ my brthdy)
~95% - 100%