Friday, January 14, 2011


WWWwaaaaa... i heard this from the owner of  nasi beriani restaurant which is located opposite of Maju Junction Mall while my friend and i having a survey a.k.a assignment on food service,today...

he said: Malaysian people eat 24hours /day.. so, economical problems will not affect our bussiness
me:...hahaha (no wonder, obesity in malaysia increasing day by day)..
As a  future nutritionist, i should concerned about this..right??
this is SerIOus thing!! MALAYSIAN,,,, do you all want to see our population become an OBESE population??

PLEASEEEEE... i dont want happen

What is the problem???
  SUGAR= very cheap, easy to get..+ subsidized
so, people will easily put extra sugar(more than enough) in their drink, cookies, or cake (cooking's)
that's the beginning of diabetes, hypertension, heart disease(myocardial infraction~scientifically) and obesity..
+ Malaysian = SEDENTARY people
if the sugar's price is EXPENSIVE ??
how?? OF course people will  consume it wisely... think about it..
It's just a simple thing(sugar's price)... but it can turn into a BIG problem to us...

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