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Hey people!! I'm telling u...right now, it's "durian crepe phenomenon" among Malaysian..
well, why i'm saying like that..because,because.....

most people talked about durian crepe, here and there..
~Keep comparing,ordering,"tasting" this and that kind of durian crepe..
             While chit chatting,meal times,hang out or even during class and gossiping..
GOSSIPING!! hehe  ~lalala

Ok. First, let me tell you, for those who don't have any clues on Durian.

this is durian tree

The name durian comes from the Malay word duri (thorn) together with the suffix -an (for building a noun in Malay) (Oxford Dictionary,1987)
 and it is native to BruneiIndonesia and Malaysia.(Brown, Michael J.,1997)

Look at here! This is how durian flesh looks like...
   some people might say :   Euwwww.... I cannot stand the odour
But for me:

"Durians Smell Awful   But    the Taste Is Heavenly"  ^^v

and now back to durian crepes..
I include the recipes here..
Have a  try!!

Recipe by : Jom Masak 
Source : Ana Suzana

Ingredients :

50gm plain flour ~ sifted
1 tbsp potato starch ~ sifted
1 egg ~ lightly beaten with fork
2 tbsp fine granulated sugar
3 tsp melted buter
160ml water
40ml evaporated milk
1 tsp vanilla essence
few dashes of coloring ~ I prefer yellow colour :)
 Method :~ 
  1. Add plain flour, potato starch and sugar in a bowl. Add evaporated milk and egg, stir with a hand whisk. Add water, vanilla essence, melted butter, stir thoroughly and add coloring. 
  2. Sieve the batter into another bowl. 
  3. Prepare a nonstick pan with low-medium heat. Using a soup ladle, take some batter and pour on the pan, make it round and thin. Easier if you use a smaller round pan. You can just swirl it by moving the pan a little.
  4. Cook for 1 minute maximum, or until the bottom of the crepe is cooked and turns slightly brown. Use a wooden spatula to check the sides. DO NOT FLIP OVER THE CREPE! 
  5. Gently remove the crepe and place on a baking paper or separate plates. This is to avoid the crepes to stick on each other.
  6. Make sure the browned part of the crepe is now facing upwards. The soft one is underside. 
  7. Repeat the same until done. 

For the filling; 
  • Sufficient durian flesh ~ remove the seeds
  • 150ml fresh cream ~ whipped until a soft peak forms

To prepare the Durian Crepes... 
  1. Use a teaspoon for this. Add 1 tsp of whipped cream in the center of the prepared crepe. 
  2. Followed by 1 tsp or more durian flesh on the cream. Now, add 1 tsp whipped cream again on the durian flesh. 
  3. Wrap the crepe by folding in opposite sides of the crepe, fully cover the filling. Then fold in the other ends. Set aside.
  4. Repeat the same for remaining crepes.
  5. These crepes are then stored in refrigerator for better taste. Or you can have it just like that! Choice is yours.
+  video,for us to have better view on how to make durian crepe..

Try!! and give some to me ;)


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