Sunday, December 16, 2012

when i'm STRESSED

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Help! I'm So Stressed Out....

Why? why?

My pilot study/pretest... I can't even get one chinese subject....
oh NO!!
I went from one apartment block to another block...
waaahh..I'm tired.

but what I gained?

nothing3x  :'(

I want to cry...but no tears come out...sobss2x
No matter how difficult and hard it is...

to conduct a nutrition research...
I will face it.
I pray to Allah swt..please make things become easier for me..
and please bless me, because i'm NOTHING without Allah swt. help me~
Hence, when i'm stressed..I try to think and do other things
aum2x.. I dont care, i want to eat

2nd, sleep.. :p
watch drama Kdrama/anime/movie


As I feel better, I will pursue my works,k

p/s: Final exams are coming!! GO!GO! GO!  meowww

~Ganbatte kudasai, in everything you do!! Jia you'~


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