Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Research project

Clip Art

Aigo3x....data collection begin....
total sample size 432!!
most days
as I back to my hostel ..
feeling tired + totally exhausted
can't do other works anymore...
need rest...
my friend said: "as a final year student..
we are physically and mentally abuse"
2 0f us: hahaha

just face it ...only got few months to go~
yeehaaa  ;)

Saturday, January 26, 2013


Clip Art

220113: Tompok left me...
 4.03pm: 3 missed call from dad
me: Dad, I'm sorry.. I had writing tesis just now..
Dad: Tompok ..has died...hitted by car ..not only tompok..but  our neighbour's cat, cik Ah..also die..
        Tompok was full of blood on his body  
me: .........ok.....


Ya Allah   Dont let me know who are the ones who hit my cat..
as i'm going to HATE that person...Cats are part of myself..it really hurts !_!

I want tompok, sleep on my hands... i want tompok bite, scratch me...and when i call mom and dad...I will ask, what's tompok doing right now

I miss you tompok..... !_!
Allah swt love u more...
and I know,i  always have u deep inside my heart...
my lovely cat ~